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Your personal digital health assistant

The benefits of the Flexclinics app

Easy in contact

Do you have any questions? About treatment or recovery? Quick answers in the chat.

Reliable and fast

No worries thanks to the pain tracker: a handy overview of how you and your recovery are doing.

Carefree in use

What you need to know, when you need to know it thanks to automatic reminders.

The Flexclinics app guides you step by step from treatment to recovery

This is the Flexclinics app

With the Flexclinics app, you will learn everything you need to know about your treatment. It also gives you the reminders you need for optimal recovery.

Downloading the Flexclinics app

The Flexclinics app is available for iOS and Android. Search for Flexclinics app in the App store or via Google Play (or scan the QR code). Once you have downloaded the app, use your healthcare code to log in.

Your healthcare code is: flexclinics

Flexclinics QR App


Hip prosthesis
Knee prosthesis
Shoulder prosthesis
hand wrist correction
Injections with hyaluronic acid
Injections with hyaluronic acid

Cosmetic & Plastic

Breast Correcite
Bilge correction
Abdominal wall correction
Eyelid surgery
Eyelid correction
Ear correction
Ear correction
Eyebrow correction
Eyebrow elevator
Forehead elevator
skin correction
Skin correction