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Feeling good again

Strengthening of the abdominal wall

Sagging of the abdominal skin

After (several) pregnancy(s) or after significant weight loss, the abdominal skin may have become flabby. This cannot be solved with sports. A good indication for an abdominal wall correction.
The abdominal wall plastic is not suitable for losing weight. The best results are achieved in people at the right weight.
A tummy tuck is a major procedure and the pros and cons will be discussed with you in detail.
Complications such as infection and bleeding will also be discussed.

During surgery

During the tummy tuck, which takes an average of an hour and a half, subcutaneous fat and excess skin is removed. If necessary, the plastic surgeon can also re-tighten the abdominal muscle.
If the fat accumulation is only below your navel, the surgery is easier than if it is also above the navel. Whether you qualify for this so-called mini abdominal wall is assessed at the intake.
If necessary, a tummy tuck can be combined with liposculpture of the upper abdomen and or flanks.

After surgery

After surgery, you will usually have to stay in the clinic overnight. As soon as you can walk again and the nurse is satisfied with your recovery and your condition, you may go home. You will come for a check-up after a week. The wounds are taped and generally require no care for the first 1 to 2 weeks. You can shower almost immediately. The sutures are dissolvable. Although pain is generally minor, you should count on 14 days to recover. Your abdomen will be swollen and painful for the first few days. Despite the discomfort, it is important not to stay in bed. In connection with blood circulation, especially in the legs, you should resume walking as soon as possible. The total recovery time without complications is 6 weeks. After that, you may return to cycling and sports. Work, depending on your occupation, may be possible sooner. All these things will be discussed with you beforehand. The scars will be red and feel hard for the first few months. They heal in 9-12 months.

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