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More precise work for the surgeon, faster recovery for the patient

That feels better

As an independent treatment center for knee surgery, Flexclinics recently started working with the innovative Mako robotic arm. Even more precise surgery, allowing for faster recovery in most cases. A win-win situation for surgeon and patient.
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What is the Mako robotic arm?

The Mako robotic arm supports the surgeon in placing knee prostheses. Pieter Klitsie, an orthopedic surgeon at Flexclinics who specializes in knee prostheses, is pleased with this 'assistant': "With this new method I am able to work much more precisely as a surgeon. This ensures better placed prostheses, it is a less invasive surgical technique and for the patient it means a faster and more comfortable recovery." The Mako is not self-managing; the surgeon determines, controls, decides and executes. He can interrupt any operation at any time.

3D model for ideal position

Using a CT scan, a 3D model of the knee is realized. The surgeon adjusts the robotic arm using data from this model and other inputs such as X-rays. With this, the computer calculates the ideal position for the prosthesis. What is the right position is different for each patient. Every body is unique and everyone is put together differently. Custom care, therefore. The result is a lower risk of complications, less pain and faster recovery after surgery.

Error margin of -1 mm

During surgery, the computer constantly gives the surgeon information about the positions of the lower leg, upper leg or pelvis, the shape and stability of the joint, and of the instruments. Thus, thanks to the robot, the surgeon removes no more bone than is needed to place the hip or knee replacement. Substantially much less bone than he would have to remove manually. The margin of error here is less than 1 mm. The prosthesis thus lands very precisely in the most ideal position.

Proven more accurate

Studies of the results of knee surgery with the Mako robotic arm show more accurate removals, less tissue damage and greater bone preservation than with manual removal. The Mako robotic arm appeared on the market in 2006. The third generation of this instrument appeared in 2015.

Short waiting time, no waiting list

Flexclinics is a young clinic in Utrecht - Leidsche Rijn with highly experienced specialists and staff and specializes in orthopedic and plastic surgery. It works with short access times to consultation and surgery. Often the time between consultation and surgery is less than one month. In regular hospitals, waiting times are now up to a year.

Direct, personal contact

The attending physician personally coordinates the treatment plan with the patient. FlexClinics has an indoor sleeping facility. If necessary, patients can stay here overnight after the procedure under the control of nursing staff.


Knee prosthesis

Flexclinics is going to start with the MAKO

Robotic Surgery

Stryker' s MAKO is a highly innovative robot-assisted surgical technique for the placement of knee and hip prostheses. The MAKO allows the surgeon to be even more precise. The surgery is fully modeled in advance and during surgery the robot helps with the exact information from the patient for the very best result possible.

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