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Removal of excess skin above the eyebrow

Eyebrows can start to sag as you age and the elasticity of the forehead skin decreases. This can cause problems with your vision. A tired and gloomy impression is also a common complaint with low hanging eyebrows. See here the experiences of clients who have gone before you.

Eyebrow correction

An eyebrow correction can be the solution if only the outer part of the eyebrow is sagging. In this procedure, the excess skin above the eyebrow is removed. The eyebrows are thus raised. For optimal results, this procedure is sometimes performed in combination with an upper eyelid correction.

Eyebrow elevator

A brow elevator is usually done under local anesthesia, but can also be performed under general anesthesia if you prefer. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis; you may return home almost immediately. For anesthesia, you must be sober beforehand. and you will stay in the clinic for a few hours after the procedure. Just before the operation, the plastic surgeon will mark out the area of skin above the eyebrows that needs to be removed. The operation involves making an incision in a crease just above the eyebrow. The excess skin, whether or not combined with some muscle tissue, can now be removed. The scar is located just above the eyebrow, usually in a natural crease above the eyebrow. Initially these scars are clearly visible, but after a year these scars fade and are often hardly visible anymore.

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