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High-quality and personalized care without waiting lists

That feels better

Flexclinics is an independent treatment center (ZBC) specializing in orthopedic surgery and plastic surgery. We have offices in the Netherlands and Spain. We offer our care in a very personal way and introduce hospitality in care with a lot of attention for you as a client. Quality and safety are paramount.
Scheduled care
Flexclinics' primary focus is on orthopedic surgery and plastic surgery. In time, other specialties will be added to our services.
Guaranteed quality
Flexclinics works at home and abroad only with the best Dutch surgeons supported by the best Dutch nursing and support staff. Flexclinics only uses high quality certified materials. This is how we guarantee our quality.



Cosmetic & Plastic

Abdominal wall correction
Eyelid correction
Ear correction
Eyebrow elevator
Forehead elevator
Skin correction