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Cosmetic & Plastic

Flexclinics is an independent treatment center (ZBC) based in Utrecht and specializing in plastic & cosmetic surgery, including insured care. Flexclinics is a progressive clinic with the most prominent specialists, where safety and quality are paramount and where clients are not a number but can expect personal attention throughout the entire process.
Planned care
We help you bring out the best in yourself even better. We help you paint a realistic picture of what an aesthetic procedure could do for you.
We don't do this overnight. Sometimes several conversations are necessary before you can make a well-considered decision. It is and remains your body, so it is always your choice what you want and whether you will proceed to an operation. Important is the trust in the doctor. Already at the first interview you come directly in contact with the doctor, so you get the best possible information and build a relationship together.
We specialize in a wide range of cosmetic & plastic procedures, which we would like to tell you more about.
High time to get acquainted with Flexclinics. Make an appointment soon. Our team will give you a warm welcome.
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