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Correction to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin

Many people who have been better helped with a forehead elevator initially come with the request for an upper eyelid correction because they suffer from a limited field of vision: and or headaches. Further analysis shows that this is due to a sagging forehead and therefore sagging eyebrows and upper eyelids; one looks as it were against a canopy and sees less from the corners of the eyes.

With advancing age and the normal aging process of the skin, most people will eventually exhibit sagging of the upper eyelid skin, eyebrows and forehead skin. This is additionally exacerbated/accelerated by predisposition, smoking and sunlight. The result can be a facial expression with many wrinkles on the forehead, often pointing out that one looks tired, angry or old.

If you have such symptoms, both functional and external, there are several surgical options to remedy this. Sometimes a simple brow elevator is sufficient. However, when the entire forehead is sagging, sagging and full of wrinkles and one does not want any visible scars above the eyebrows, there is no need for a brow lift. A forehead elevator is the treatment of choice when no visible scars are desired above the eyebrow.

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