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Flexclinics is an independent treatment center (ZBC) located in Utrecht and specialized in orthopedic surgery. We treat hip, knee, shoulder as well as hand/wrist and elbow disorders. Flexclinics is a progressive clinic with the most prominent specialists, where safety and quality are paramount and where clients are not a number but can expect personal attention throughout the entire procedure.
Flexclinics provides insured care and the costs of the preliminary examination and any surgery will be covered by your insurance.

Planned care
Flexclinics only works with the best materials, which is reflected in the fact that our Stryker hip and knee prostheses last 20 to 25 years, where other prostheses wear out after only 10 to 15 years. Revision surgery is thus much less likely to be needed, making this type of surgery accessible to younger clients for whom it would be necessary. Flexclinics has launched innovative robot-assisted surgery techniques with Stryker's MAKO.

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