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Kazem Aesthetics and Flexclinics join forces!

Flexclinics x Kazem Aesthetics

Flexclinics Plastic Surgery and Kazem Aesthetica continue together under the name Kazem Aesthetica Clinics. As founders of these two clinics, Marc Verheyen, Peter van Aggelen and Farid Kazem, we see that these clinics complement each other almost perfectly in the cosmetic and plastic surgery field. We therefore see a great future in this collaboration, with the goal of radically renewing traditional plastic surgery. For the record, we mention that Flexclinics orthopedic care will continue to exist simply under the name Flexclinics.

Farid Kazem and Marc Verheyen


What makes this collaboration so revolutionary is that our primary focus is on non-operative treatments. We strive for what we call a "holistic approach," emphasizing natural beauty and adding accents for beautification. We combine non-operative treatments where possible and surgical procedures where necessary. It is even possible to start a non-operative course to improve the outcome of a subsequent surgery beforehand.


Our team consists of experienced skin specialists, laser and cryo specialists. Plus two highly skilled plastic surgeons: Farid Kazem and Franziska Lichtenegger. Together they offer a wide range of specializations within plastic surgery. If you would like to know more about this, feel free to call or email us. We will gladly provide you with the right information and answer all your questions directly.

Kazem Aesthetics

At Kazem Aesthetics Clinics we would love to see you for a free consultation in our luxurious and discreet location in Schiphol Rijk. Of course at a time that suits you best. During our consultations we make use of advanced 3D technology to visualize the possible results of a procedure immediately, so you can make an informed choice.

VIP package

If surgery is necessary, it will take place at Flexclinics' luxury surgery center in Utrecht. With our VIP-arrangement we offer you pick-up and return service. And if desired, you can stay in a luxury care hotel to further recover from your surgery in peace and comfort. Of course we take into account your dietary requirements.

At Kazem Aesthetics Clinics, our clients benefit from comprehensive follow-up service and long-term personal support after treatment. We set up a schedule with you for regular checkups to monitor the progress and durability of our procedures, at no additional cost.

Want to learn more about the opportunities we can offer you as well? Make an appointment soon at or We look forward to welcoming you!