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Clique Magazine

Clique Magazine Quality and safety first. That is the core value of independent treatment center Flexclinics. After two years, founders Peter van Aggelen and Marc Verheyen still stand diametrically behind that view: "If you get quality and safety right, the economic component will follow.

MAKO operating robot

Flexclinics has launched the MAKO surgical robot The MAKO from Stryker is a highly innovative robot-assisted surgical technique for the placement of knee and hip replacements. With the MAKO, we can better prepare the surgery, perform it more precisely and reliably ensure proper placement of your

Care for hand

New at Flexclinics: care for hand wrist and elbow complaints! Since the beginning of this year our team is strengthened with Dr. J. Posthuma de Boer, orthopedic surgeon specializing in hand, wrist and elbow surgery, trained in Amsterdam and Leuven. Complaints of the hand and wrist are common

No waiting times

No Waiting Times As a result of scaling back planable care during the Covid-19 pandemic, long wait times occurred. Long wait times mean: unnecessarily longer suffering for people, who are waiting to have surgery on their hip, shoulder or knee. More than 6 months