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MAKO operating robot

Flexclinics has launched the MAKO surgical robot

Stryker's MAKO is a highly innovative robot-assisted surgical technique for the placement of knee and hip replacements. With the MAKO, we can better prepare the surgery, perform it more precisely and reliably ensure proper placement of your knee prosthesis.

To better prepare, in addition to a regular x-ray, a CT scan is also taken where the hip and foot are also scanned. This allows us to do three-dimensional planning for your knee, taking into account the dimensions and shape that make your knee unique. This planning is discussed by your orthopedic surgeon and the MAKO specialist before your surgery, so the team discusses the best plan ahead of time.

During surgery, markers are placed so the MAKO knows exactly where the knee is in space. Then the tension of the inner and outer ligament of the knee is measured, the ligamentous balance of the knee. The previous planning is now adjusted based on the ligamentous balance. This is followed by sawing where space is made for the knee prosthesis. It is no longer necessary to saw again during the operation, because the ligamentous balance has already been determined beforehand, and thus all cuts are made at the right place at the same time. This sawing is much more precise than before because the MAKO steers the saw. Also, the MAKO protects the structures around the cutting surface by automatically stopping. The orthopedic surgeon is still in control of the saw, but is assisted by the MAKO.

As a final step, the knee prosthesis is placed. Because we saw with the MAKO, we know exactly how the knee prosthesis will be placed. Because of the MAKO, we also know at that moment exactly what movement the knee can make, because those numbers can be seen live in the image. Make an appointment soon to learn more about the possibilities of this new technique for you.