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Care for hand

New at Flexclinics: care for hand wrist and elbow pain!

Since the beginning of this year, our team has been strengthened with Dr. J. Posthuma de Boer, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hand, wrist and elbow surgery, trained in Amsterdam and Leuven.

Complaints of the hand and wrist are common and can have a major impact on daily life. We need our hands every day to perform our jobs or leisure activities and to take care of ourselves and others.

Because the hand and wrist have a complex anatomy, many different complaints can arise. Many complaints can be treated by proper therapy and thus without surgery.

Do you have complaints about your hand, wrist or elbow? Then you can visit Dr. J. Posthuma de Boer in the short term. See for the various disorders under the heading 'orthopedic' and then 'hand/wrist/elbow' or contact our clinic via the contact form.