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"Mobility is quality of life."

Joris van der Lugt

My name is Joris van der Lugt (1976).

I am a registered orthopedic surgeon since 2010. In that year I also received my PhD from Leiden University with the thesis 'Souter-Strathclyde Total Elbow Prosthesis in Rheumatoid Patients'.
From 2010 I have been working at the HagaZiekenhuis in The Hague, a large, high-volume training hospital for aspiring orthopaedic surgeons. By training people, you become a better surgeon yourself is my experience. As of 2017, I became a trainer there. In 2020, the Hague orthopedic practice merged into the Reinier Haga Orthopedic Center (RHOC) in Zoetermeer.

For over 12 years, I have been placing hip replacements via the anterior, muscle-sparing approach (also known as DAA or ASI). Besides our own training assistants, I have also taught this method to experienced orthopedic surgeons who also wanted to treat their patients in this way. The reason for this is the smooth rehabilitation and also the good long-term functional results.

I also place knee replacements, total and unicondylar (half) replacements.
In recent years I have further specialized in repair surgeries of failed hip and knee replacements, I now perform these surgeries an average of 50 times a year. At the RHOC I started robotic surgery with the MAKO robotic arm in 2020.

In addition to these activities, I registered as an orthopedic surgeon in Spain in 2018. With Flexclinics, we have been performing surgeries in Marbella since 2019. We have also set up a patient air bridge between Utrecht and Marbella.

As of September 2022 I will be living in Marbella with my family to further build up the orthopedic practice there. I will still work 1 week per month at Flexclinics in Utrecht. I would like to welcome you at the clinic in Utrecht or Marbella.


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